Welcome Asia Pacific Acid Recycling Inc.

As technology advances at the speed of light, the human demand for its products is also growing like never before. Our standard of living is better than ever, but it comes with a price. Hydrofluoric acid ( HF, code C-0202 ) is an industrial waste that is harmful to the environment yet essential to the production of most high-technology equipment.

Asia Pacific Acid Recycle Inc. strongly believes in "Green Future" technology. Through the combination of technological advances from the Industrial Technology Research Institute and APAR's constant innovation, APAR now has the first and only disposal system that can utilize fluidized bed technology to recycle HF into reusable products. Unlike the traditional coagulation method, the system can dispose HF effectively in compliance with governmental standards, even in with mixtures containing other toxic acids. APAR protects the future generations from harmful by-products so that we can better enjoy life with advanced technology.