Sodium fluorosilicate
Description:The chemical formula is Na2SiF6, white, odorless and tasteless, flowing powder.
Application:1. Preservative for wood industry

2. Acid-resistant cement moisture absorbent
3. Enamel whitener
4. Used as an additive in galvanized nickel and iron coatings
5. Plastic filler

Sodium fluoride
Description:Chemical formula is NaF, colorless crystalline or white powder
Application:1. Phosphating accelerator for coating industry

2. Preservative for wood industry
3. Welding flux
4. Alkaline zincate galvanizing additive
5. Enamel flux

Description:Cryolite, also known as sodium aluminum hexafluoride or sodium aluminum fluoride, with the formula Na₃AlF₆. Tiny white crystal, scentless.
Application:1. Cosolvent for aluminum electrolytic process

2. Abrasive filler for rubber and grinding wheel
3. Enamel whitener
4. Flux for metals
5. Pesticides

Aluminum Cleaner (gas) agent
Description:Cryolite powder, sodium chloride, and other fluoridated materials mixed in specific ratio.
Application:Additives in aluminum refining process.